Your Activewear Care Guide


We know you love your leggings, and we couldn’t be happier!
In fact, we want your stretchy apparel to last as long possible & how proper care can seriously lengthen the lifespan of your leggings.

  • Always wash on cold. Set your washing machine to cold whenever you’re giving your leggings a clean. The cold water helps preserve the shape and stretch of your go to workout pants.
  • Use a gentle detergent. Choose a washing detergent that's gentle on your apparel. Some detergents are abrasive and can damage activewear to the point that it doesn’t perform the way it’s supposed to! 
  • Hang dry. Dryers are tough on clothes and can actually damage the individual fibers of your leggings. Plus, by hanging dry you avoid holes and tears!
  • Wash after you wear. The more you wear your activewear, the more sweat and body oils accumulate. Washing your gear after each wear, especially after getting it super sweaty, helps prevent bacteria from proliferating in your clothing.
  • On this note, please do not soak your activewears for too long as well. It will definitely cause discoloration.
  • Turn them inside out. Turn your soiled clothes inside-out to remove dirt and odour and to achieve an overall deep, thorough clean. Doing this also prevents your favourite activewear from getting snags. Of course, another reason for washing your clothes inside-out is that it helps safeguard and preserve the colour of the fabric.
  • Skip the fabric softener. Fabric softener can degrade the sweat wicking properties of your activewear. If you forget, just give your leggings an extra wash!
  • Use a mesh laundry bag. We’re obsessed with cute details like strappy sports bras and leggings with cut outs. Keep everything intact and untangled by washing your activewear in a mesh laundry bag!
  • Wash gear made from similar fabrics. One thing to remember about machine-washing your sports clothes is that you should never, ever wash it with the rest of your ‘regular’ laundry — at least, not with clothes that are thick, heavy or rough, like jeans or jackets with zippers. Even a fragile top with sequins can rub against your gym clothes the wrong way and cause the fabric of your expensive pair of leggings to pill.

& there you have it girls, how to wash your new beautiful soft activewear and workout clothes! Hope you foudn this useful !


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