Launched in August, 2021.

This month, we've launched two amazing beautiful bras.

Passion Tank Bra is one that is suitable for low - mid intensity workouts while
Pwr Up Bra is suitable for mid - high intensity workouts. 

Why did we name it Pwr Up Bra?
We named it Pwr Up because all girls in different sizes deserve to feel their best in their own body. 
We know sizes are limited and some girls aren't able to exert their full potential while workout out. 
It may be due to the bra being too big / loose or too tight / short. 


Pwr Up Bra is here for you. 
Available in 5 sizes, 5! SIZES!
You'll also love this bra is you love full coverage at the front!

Limited time only, don't miss your chance !

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