World mental health day [Giveaway-closed]

World mental health day [Giveaway-closed]

Recently we had our first giveaway this year (2022) with one of our sweet customer. She makes her own peanut butter and it comes in multiple flavors!

The giveaway was on 10.10 for World Mental Health Day.

Take care of your mind, your body will thank you. Take care of your body, your mind will thank you. ✨

Not everyday you are going to feel amazing about yourself, that’s life, it’s normal and fine. Self doubt is a part of learning. Learn to treat yourself better and embrace our flaws. Make self care a priority🧡



6 Local (Malaysia) brands teamed up to create this amazing giveaway.

@omgnutsbutter -  OMG Nuts Butter
@yiqinggan - Yiqinggan Mental Health Stickers 
@youmee_noodles - Youmee 100% Natural, delicious instant noodles
@kintryco - Kintryco Artisan Snacks Malaysia, cookies, granola, crips and etc.
@mie.fitnessapparel - our Mie Fitness Apparel active wear (Energy series)
@cupofgoodnest - Goodnest Birdnest Birdnest drink with 3 different flavors, Pandan, Original and Red dates & jujube

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Each winner will receive:
🎁 6 x @omgnutsbutter (including new flavours - coffee cashew butter)
🎁 1 x @yiqinggan (1 self affirmation sticker, 1 self compassion sticker)
🎁 3 x @youmee_noodles mix air-dried noodles
🎁 7 x @kintryco mini packs granola/snacks
🎁 1 x @mie.fitnessapparel active wear
🎁3 x @cupofgoodnest goodnest birdnest

This giveaway closed on 17th October and two winners have been selected. 

[Update: Big congrats to Fiona & Wen Ting for winning these amazing giveaway prizes] 

We do enjoy and hope to collab with more of our girls soon! 
Feel free to reach out to our team and we shall discuss further.

See you girls soon!

Team Mie