Which is the most .....

Which is the most .....

What are the most often asked questions we receive from you girls? 

Well, we're about to find out   

[Note: These sets are in reference to all our collection now with the latest being Batch 3]

Q1: Which set is most suitable for High Intensity Workouts? 

A1: Energy Series I (Bra + Shorts)
Based on the compression of the material

A2: Coast Set (Bra + Leggings) 
The coast bra has thick straps for support and coast leggings is high waisted with elastic material 

A3: Wonder Woman Set (Bra + Leggings) 
Similar material to Coast set but the top bra has a different design.
It doesnt have thick straps but it comes in double straps

Q2: Which Leggings have the Highest Waist?

A1: Lux Leggings for sure 
A2: Wonder Woman Leggings
A3: Coast / Bondi Leggings
A4: Pocket Leggings

Q3: Which set has the Smoothest Material?

A1: 100% Cloud Set, the material is different from others, its thicker but still butter smooth. It maintains it smoothness even after washing.

A2: Skins Set, the feeling of "like-wearing-nothing" cause the material is just too smooth and comfortable.

A3: Emmie Shorts, these perfect for any occasion shorts are so smooth you wouldnt want to take them off after wearing them 

Q4: Which of your Shorts / Leggings have POCKETS?

A1: Shorts > Icy shorts
A2: Long > Pocket Leggings
A3: Long > Bondi / Coast leggings have a back pocket to store cards

Q5: Which Sports Bra is more suitable to Bigger Chest / Boobies girls? 

A1: Energy Set's Bra (L Size)
A2: Wonder Woman Set's Bra (XL Size)
A3: Stellar Bra (XL Size) *some may not be available

Q6: Which set has the thickest material?

A1: Energy Series
Its a thicker material but not too hot, its still suitable for our Malaysia weather.

A2: Lux Set
The material feels a little velvety, its smooth and its thicker than other materials we have. 

A3: Cloud Set
You'll be surprise but cloud set's material is also thicker than most of our other sets. You'll get that cushiony feeling wearing this.

Hope this short article helped you girls a little!

Happy Shopping with Mie,

Thank you