Payment Methods

Payment Methods

You can now own Mie's activewear with easy payments.

Here's a list of the different payment methods we accept:

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1) BANK TRANSFER Five_Pointed_Star_Solid.svgFive_Pointed_Star_Solid.svgFive_Pointed_Star_Solid.svgFive_Pointed_Star_Solid.svg
Started from our instagram page, we have always been using bank transfer [Direct Online Transfer / Bank In] method with our customers. 

We will share our bank account details at checkout page and customer are required to transfer the amount for the item they bought.

After that, customers would require to upload their payment receipt into their order page as proof of payment. Order will be process once payment receipt is confirmed.

Why 4 stars? : Cause we have to check manually if payment is received.

2) TOYYIBPAY (FPX) Five_Pointed_Star_Solid.svgFive_Pointed_Star_Solid.svgFive_Pointed_Star_Solid.svgFive_Pointed_Star_Solid.svgFive_Pointed_Star_Solid.svg

Toyyibpay is one of the payment gateway solution similar to ipay88, eGHL and etc that allows us to accept online payments.

When choosing toyyibpay, customers can purchase and directly make payment via any local online banking through FPX. 

Customers do not require to upload any payment receipts as order will automatically be recorded in our order management when payment is successful.

Why 5 stars? :Convenient for both you and Mie. 

3) Maybank QRPay Five_Pointed_Star_Solid.svgFive_Pointed_Star_Solid.svgFive_Pointed_Star_Solid.svg

As our main bank account is Maybank, we have also activated Maybank QRPay to allow customers to scan and pay for their order.

Maybank QRPay is an option that allows Maybank customers to instantly purchase by using a QR Code via the Maybank2u app. 

Though its direct, but customers would require an additional device (like a computer) to be able to scan the QR and make payment. 

Why 3 stars? :Some customers may not have 2 devices with them to scan the code. 

4) Grabpay Five_Pointed_Star_Solid.svgFive_Pointed_Star_Solid.svg

We understand some customers prefer to pay using Grabpay to collect GrabRewards points for every RM paid. However, as we have not register for merchant grab yet, we are unable to take out the money that is transferred into grab. Do DM us on instagram if you still prefer to transfer using Grab. 

Why 2 stars? : Cause it is a little hassle for us to take the money out from Grab wallet.

5) Atome Five_Pointed_Star_Solid.svg

If you prefer "Buy Now Pay Later" option, we have registered Atome. Customers would have to download the Atome app to use this payment method. 

Atome will divide customer's order payment into 3 months. 
For new users, Atome also offers a RM15 voucher to use (the exact amount not sure if it has changed). 

While Atome doesn't charge any interest to customers while using Atome, however, we as the merchant (unfortunately) charge an additional fee for using Atome to pay. 

Why? Because to be completely transparent, the fee is high.
Our prices are kept low to allow more customers to enjoy good quality activewear without the heafty price tag. It has been our goal since day 1 and it has not changed.

Hence, for Atome users, unfortunately there will be an additional charge and we truly hope for your kind understanding on this matter. 

Why 1 star? : It offers convenience at a cost.

We will keep researching for better options available.
Do feel free to message if you have any ideas or suggestions as well!   

Thank you,

Team Mie